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On the way back to Atlanta from the coast, we visited the site of one of the few American victories in Georgia during the Revolutionary War, Kettle Creek, to find a rather enjoyable park with a little bit of history thrown in. It was here, not too far from I-20 that backcountry Georgians and patriots from South Carolina let the world know that the British hadn't quite succeeded in the state the way they were claiming.

On the coast we visited three other battle sites, two from the Civil War and one from the War of Jenkins Ear (yes, Georgia did fight a war by that name. Fort Frederica on St. Simons Island, is one of the earliest towns built in Georgia. Built from tabby, a kind of concrete made using sea shells, the fort once held 300 people. Today it sits as part of the National Park System.

Two battles in the Savannah area are commemorated by the forts around which they were fought. First, Fort Pulaski, was one of the earliest battles in the Civil War. Union gunners using rifled cannon bombarded the fort on Cockspur Island for two days before the commander surrendered as Union troops were preparing to assault the walls. Second, Fort McAllister, a fort made from sand instead of brick, which withstood repeated Union assaults until General William Tecumsah Sherman overran it at the end of the March to the Sea.

We hope you enjoy the sites from our side of the road!


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December 5, 2004Market HousePublically owned and centrally located in downtown, this is the last remaining place where slaves were sold in Georgia
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