Ft. Oglethorpe

Ft. Oglethorpe
Georgia, U. S. A.

The city of Fort Oglethorpe was born out of the bloodiest two days of American History - The battle of Chickamauga. It was H. V. "Henry" Boynton who recommended Chickamauga as a staging area in preparation for a war with Spain. A field hospital was established near the not yet completed Wilder Tower, while camp HQ was at Lytle Hill. The encampment was known as Camp Thomas, in honor of Union General George Thomas, the Virginian who never retreated. First to arrive at the camp were the 25th Infantry, a group of black soldiers from Montana. By the end of May, 1898 more than 45,000 troops were stationed at the camp.

In 1902 the Army recommended a site "in the vicinity" of the Chickamauga park for the location of a base, and Congress authorized the purchase of 802 acres later that year. Fort Oglethorpe, named for Georgia's first leader, James Oglethorpe, was founded, replacing Fort Oglethorpe in Savannah, whose name reverted to Fort Jackson in 1905. On July 4, 1919 the fort was designated the official headquarters of the Sixth Cavalry.

Over the years Ft. Oglethorpe saw many famous military leaders. General "BlackJack" Pershing, future Allied Supreme Commander in World War II and President of the United States Dwight David Eisenhower and Medal of Honor recipient Sgt. Alvin York.

During World War II the fort also saw then President Frankin Delano Roosevelt come for a visit. But Fort Oglethorpe was decommissioned in 1946, one of the first forts to go after World War II. The land was sold to the public and building were put to good use. The base hospital still serves as an area medical facility, for example, and the officers quarters, known as Barnhardt Circle, have been renovated.

The city sat at a strategic location, along U. S. Highway 41 (since re-routed) and near Chickamauga Park, and growth came quickly to the town.

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Directions: Take I-75, Exit 350 West on Ga Highway 2
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