Archives of Macon County

Archives of Macon County
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Macon County was formed on December 14, 1837. It is named for Nathanael Macon, an early advocate of state's rights. The city of Macon is named for the same man.

Throughout south Georgia there were a number of roads known as Barnard's Trail that led to the home of Timothy Barnard, who lived on the site of present-day Montezuma, Georgia. Assistant to Benjamin Hawkins, Creek Indian agent. Barnard was a mixed blood Creek Indian with a full-blooded Yuchi (Uchee) wife and their home on the Flint was known for its excellent river crossing

In the 1840's the railroad came to the county,

For many years the county remained a quiet respite for its citizens. Then, in late in 1863, Sidney Winder visited the town of Andersonville in search of a new site for a Union prisoner camp. Here the Confederates built Camp Sumter where as many as 100 prisoners would die per day until the camp was freed in 1865.

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