Interstate 16 (I-16) exits in Georgia
In central Georgia, I-16 runs from Macon to Savannah
Interstate 185 (I-185) exits in Georgia
I-185 runs south from I-85 in the vicinity of LaGrange to Columbus and Fort Benning
Interstate 20 (I-20) exits in Georgia
I-20 runs from the Alabama-Georgia border near Tallapoosa, passes through downtown Atlanta and continues to Augusta.
Interstate 24 (I-24) exits in Georgia
I-24 briefly dips into Georgia as it runs from Chattanooga to Nashville
Interstate 285 (I-285, the Perimeter) exits in Georgia
I-285 encircles the city of Atlanta, Georgia
Interstate 475 (I-475) Exits in Georgia
I-475 runs west of Macon, Georgia, allow traffic from or to Florida to bypass this central Georgia city
Interstate 516 (I-516) exits in Georgia
Interstate 516 encircles the city of Savannah
Interstate 520 (I-520) exits in Georgia
I-520 skirts the city of Augusta
Interstate 575 (I-575) exits in Georgia
I-575 comes off I-75 in Marietta, heading north where it bisects Cherokee County
Interstate 59 (I-59) exits in Georgia
Interstate 675 (I-675) exits in Georgia
Interstate 75 (I-75) exits in Georgia
Interstate 85 (I-85) exits in Georgia
I-85 enters Georgia near LaGrange and runs northeast to Lavonia where it crosses Lake Hartwell and enters South Carolina
Interstate 95 (I-95) exits in Georgia
Interstate 985 (I-985) exits in Georgia
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