I-516 Exits

Interstate 516 to the east, south and west of Savannah, Georgia

Interchange Exit# City County
Southwest Bypass 1 Savannah Chatham
SR 25/US 17/SR 26/US 80/Ogeechee Road 3 Savannah Chatham
Tremont Road 4 Savannah Chatham
I-16 5 Savannah Chatham
Gwinnett Street 6 Savannah Chatham
SR 25 Conn./Augusta Avenue (NB) 7A Savannah Chatham
Bay Street (SB) 7 Savannah Chatham
W. Lathrop Avenue (NB) 7B Savannah Chatham
SR 25/Atlantic Coastal Hwy. 8 Savannah Chatham

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