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Cherokee History
Historical information

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Cherokee Phoenix Information about the first American Indian newspaper, published in New Echota, Cherokee Nation

Georgia History History of the Peach State (Georgia)

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1815 Map of Cherokee and Creek lands

A history of the Cherokee Nation in North Georgia(Part I)
In depth look at the Cherokee resurgence in North Georgia

A history of the Cherokee Nation in North Georgia(Part II)
In depth look at the Cherokee resurgence in North Georgia

Cherokee History(part 1)
From deSoto to Treaty of Hard Labor, a detailed history including town name, culture and other facts about the nation.

Cherokee History(part 2)
Covers the Chickamauga Wars, Revolt of the Young Chiefs, and the Trail of Tears, up to present day

Cherokee Indians
General overview of history and culture

Cherokee Nation v. the State of Georgia, 1831
The text of Chief Justice Marshall's decision in the case

Cherokee Time-Line
A list of important dates in Cherokee history

Cherokee in Georgia: Winning and Losing
The Cherokee Nation takes their battle against removal to the U. S. Supreme Court.

Cherokee in North Georgia
Cherokee migrated to eastern Georgia as early as 1450 A.D. and remained in the northern third of the state until 1838. Read about the events that shaped their culture, the places they lived, and white who aided them until the Trail of Tears

Chieftains Trail
A loop trail highlights Cherokee, Creek and Moundbuilder Indian sites in North Georgia

In 1828 two events happened that shaped the Cherokee for the next ten years. The election of Andrew Jackson as President of the United States and the discovery of gold near Loudsville in northeast Georgia.

History of the Cherokee
Cherokee Historian Ken Martin is an authority on the subject.

Index of Native American Links
Karen Strom is one of the best

Indian Land Cessions
Chronology of land cessions in Georgia.

Lindsey''s Cherokee-Creek Site
Information relating to Cherokee history and culture.

Native American sites
New and growing

Native Americans in North Georgia
Index of information about Cherokee, Creek and Moundbuilders in North Georgia

Native Web
Great place to start. Well organized, great graphics, catagorized links.

New Echota State Historical Site
Capital of the Cherokee Nation prior to the Trail of Tears, and site of the offices of the Cherokee Phoenix

Official Chieftains Museum Website
The restored home of Major Ridge, Cherokee leader. Formerly a log dogtrot cabin, remodeled by Ridge into a plantation home, now one of the best museums in Rome and North Georgia. Includes Rome/Floyd County history, Civil War history, and info on archaeological digs on site. Website has animation and sound, including audio clips of speeches from prominent Cherokee leaders of the time.

Ross House
Built in 1797 this log cabin was the home of John Ross, first leader of the Cherokee Nation.

Secret History of the Cherokees: A Novel
A unique new look at Cherokee history covers 1736 through 1863. Reveals truths about Cherokee slaveholders before the Civil War. Required reading for researchers.

The Cherokee
Third-grader Leah Montre site has an excellent presentation and some interesting commentary. Keep up the good work, Leah

The Official Website of the Oklahoma Cherokee Nation
This page, while not being entirely about the History of the Cherokee, tells the story of the Trail of Tears and the time leading up to it fantastically. It also gives Audio of members of the Nation reading the diaries of some that went on the journey.

Thomas' Legion of Indians and Highlanders
Cherokees and whites comprised North Carolina's sole American Civil War legion. It discusses why the Cherokees fought, their battles, the outcome, and history of the only white Cherokee chief, William Holland Thomas.

Trail of Tears
Events leading to the removal of the Cherokee from North Georgia

Quotes from famous Cherokees


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