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Famous Cherokees
Cherokees and the people that affected them

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Nancy Ward 1738-1824 Beloved tribal leader
Sequoyah 1770-1843 Invented the Cherokee alphabet

Civil War Heros People who played an important role in Georgia battles
Georgia People Famous People from Georgia, or those that affected the state

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Cherokee Images 1730-1838
Pictures and text on many of the early Cherokee.

Cherokee Images 1839-1866
Pictures and text on many of the early Cherokee.

Cherokee Rose & Silena
Cherokee Rose and Silena make Georgia their home although they travel the Southeast and more performing the music they have written. Music that is not only beautiful, but historically significant for their culture.

James Vann
Biography of pivotal Cherokee who brought missionaries to teach the children

Jay Red Eagle
Native American flutist Jay Red Eagle is a member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma.

John Ross
Tribal leader and first Principal Chief

Major Ridge
Ridge was a chief who led the Cherokee on the path of acculturation only to sign away work when he added his name to the treaty that led to "The Trail of Tears."

Ross House
Built in 1797 this log cabin was the home of John Ross, first leader of the Cherokee Nation.

Samuel Austin Worcester
Minister known to the Cherokee as "The Messenger", he worked to preserve the Cherokee homeland and preceded the Georgia Cherokee to Oklahoma.

Vann House
This site is the home of Cherokee Chief James Vann, a tribal leader until his death at age 49 in 1810.


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