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Creek Indians
Loose confederation of Muscogee

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1815 Map of Cherokee and Creek lands

Benjamin Hawkins
This U. S. Senator and Princeton graduate became the Superintendent of all Southern Indians and acted as Agent to the Creek Nation at the request of George Washington

Chieftains Trail
A loop trail highlights Cherokee, Creek and Moundbuilder Indian sites in North Georgia

Creek Indian Bibliography
Compilation of available resources on and off the net.

Creek Nation -- their society and customs
Description of the Creek Culture as it existed in west and south Georgia before 1827. Based on the letters of Benjamin Hawkins

Descendants of Chief William McIntosh
Chief William McIntosh Jr., A History and Genealogy of Chief William McIntosh Jr. and his known descendants.

History of the Creek Indians in west and south Georgia
From the 16th century until their removal in 1827, the Creek Indians ruled the majority of land in present-day Georgia

Index of Creek Treaties
Includes links to the treaties between the Creek Indian Nation and the state of Georgia and the United States

Indian Land Cessions
Chronology of land cessions in Georgia.

Mary Musgrove, Queen of the Creek
This Creek woman and her first husband sold James Oglethorpe the first Georgia land. She returned years later and tried to lead a revolt against the colony

Native Americans in North Georgia
Index of information about Cherokee, Creek and Moundbuilders in North Georgia

Weatherford Book
Documented historical novel on William Weatherford and the Creek Indians.


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