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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

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Georgia's first inhabitants

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Ancient Architects of the Mississippi
Excellent history of our nation's first civilization

Cahokia Mounds
Largest mounds in the United States

Etowah Indian Mounds
Moundbuilders ruled Georgia from 800 - 1600 A.D.

From The Fields
Surface finds, history, Hopewell, Adena, safety, ethics.

Hopewell Culture National Historical Park
This site provides information about Hopewell Culture National Historical Park in south-central Ohio and general topics related to Native Americans and American prehistory.

Moundbuilders, Georgia's First Indians
Long ago in a land...

Part of the University of Alabama. Best site on Moundville

Native Americans in North Georgia
Index of information about Cherokee, Creek and Moundbuilders in North Georgia

Ocmulgee National Monument
Located at Macon, GA. The National Monument features a museum, 702-acres. The site commemorates a continuum of people extending through the early, middle and late of every cultural period, including Ice Age Paleo Indians, the Macon Plateau Moundbuilders, the Lamar Mounds and Village, and a large Muscogee (Creek) town and British Trading Post ca. 1685-1715.

Ohio Historical Society Moundbuilders
Most extensive site of mounds in Ohio

The Mound Builders
We are dedicated to the study of the world's mound building cultures. Feel free to join the group and participate in an existing discussion or start one of your own.


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