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Georgia History
History of the Peach State (Georgia)

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Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Born in Franklin Delano Roosevelt's New Deal, the "Tree Army" gave employment to millions of men during the Depression.
Gold Rush America's first gold rush, Georgia, 1829
Railroads Railroads played an important role in the development of Georgia
Revolutionary War The American Revolution
State Flags Flags that have flown over Georgia
The American Civil War in Georgia Links and resources about fighting in Georgia during The Civil War.

Cherokee History Historical information

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Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet
Links to a lot of historical and genealogy related information

Fort Yargo station
History of the old fort and living history events and dates

Georgia Deparment of Archives and History
The mission of the Georgia Department of Archives and History is to select and ensure the preservation and accessibility of government and other information constituting Georgia's recorded history.

Georgia RR depot
This site supports railroad history by providing information and selling books and artifacts solely related to railroad history.

History of Georgia's Capitols and Capital Cities by Edward L. Jackson
Meaders Pottery
Welcome To Meaders Pottery-A Folk Pottery Family Tradition

Murder of Mary Phagan and the Death of Leo Frank
Concise discussion of the events that occured after 13 year old Mary Phagan was murdered at the National Pencil Factory on April 26, 1913.

North Georgia History
Many in-depth articles exploring much of the history of North Georgia

Our Georgia History
Explores the history of the entire state of Georgia including a timeline, famous people, the Revolution and Civil War

Past issues of About North Georgia
Check out some of our past issues!
Resources and research tools for historic preservation and cultural resource management.

Tybee History
On the coast of Georgia


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