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Civil War Heros
People who played an important role in Georgia battles

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General James Longstreet Raised in north Georgia, lived in Gainesville, fought at Chickamauga
John Bell Hood Rose to become commander, Army of Tennessee
Nathan Bedford Forrest That Devil Forrest, the Wizard of the Saddle, respected by leaders on both sides of the American Civil War
Patrick Cleburne Perhaps the best general on either side
William Tecumseh Sherman Destroyed much of northwest Georgia, then marched to Savannah

Famous Cherokees Cherokees and the people that affected them
Georgia People Famous People from Georgia, or those that affected the state

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Braxton Bragg
Commander, Army of Tennessee

Fighting Joe Hooker
Follows the Union general from the Peninsula to Kolb's Farm

General George Henry Thomas
Timeline and biography of General Thomas, who fought at Chickamauga and in the Atlanta Campaign

General George Henry Thomas by Civil War Artist Ken Hendricksen
An oil painting of American Civil War Union General George Thomas, of Virginia,(The Rock of Chickamauga) and the (Sledge of Nashville) by Maine Artist Ken Hendricksen of Kennebunkport.

George Brinton McClellan
In overall command of coastal operations against Georgia, taking of Tybee Island

Jefferson Davis
President of the Confederate States of America, Davis visited the state of Georgia four times during the War. Hed capture here in May, 1865, marked the end of the Confederacy.

Joseph E. Johnston
Commanded the Army of Tennessee during the first 75 days of the Atlanta Campaign

William Rosecrans
Union Commander


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