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Nathan Bedford Forrest
That Devil Forrest, the Wizard of the Saddle, respected by leaders on both sides of the American Civil War

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Gen Nathan B Forrest - Brilliant tactitian
Whether a student of Gen. Forrest or 'history-ignorant' beginner, you will exit this page with a greater respect and knowledge for one of the most intelligent, complex and reverent commanders ... ever

General John B. Gordon
An oil painting of American Civil War Confederate General John B. Gordon of Georgia, by Maine Artist Ken Hendricksen of Kennebunkport.

Historical References -- Nathan Bedford Forrest
Reprint of an article from the Memphis Daily Avalanche, July 6, 1875

Nathan Bedford Forrest
Overview of the life of Nathan Bedford Forrest

Nathan Bedford Forrest
Timeline on General Forrest

The Lightning Mule Brigade
Forrest was a hero to the city of Rome, Ga. for overpowering the men and mules of Col. Abel Straight's Brigade


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