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William Tecumseh Sherman
Destroyed much of northwest Georgia, then marched to Savannah

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Biography of William Tecumseh Sherman
General Sherman destroyed much of North Georgia.

General Sherman's Georgia Peach
Story by Frank and Victoria Logue published in their "Backroads of North and South Georgia" book describes the relationship between the Civil War General and a former love.

General William Tecumseh Sherman by Civil War Artist Ken Hendricksen
An oil painting of American Civil War Union General William Tecumseh Sherman by Maine portrait artist Ken Hendricksen of Kennebunkport.

General William Tecumsh Sherman
The ancestors and the children of William Tecumseh Sherman are shown on this page.

OIl Portrait of General Sherman by Smiley
Oil portrait by Chester County Pennsylvania artist Paul Smiley. Prints available.

Sherman Timeline
Takes you through William Tecumseh Sherman's life

Sherman's March: Final Revenge
This is an online documentary about Sherman's march through Columbia, South Carolina.

Simon Publications
Simon Publications re-published several books on the Civil War that have been long out-of-print. One of the best of them is Liddell Hart's "Sherman: Soldier, Realist, American" which can be found on our website under American History/Civil War Books. Look at the cover and the description.

The Atlanta Campaign
Chronology, overview, narrative and links to more information about battles and commanders of The Atlanta Campaign

William Tecumseh Sherman
This compiles of many different sites about the Union general William Tecumseh Sherman.

William Tecumseh Sherman (1820 - 1891)
Centers on Sherman's career in San Francisco

William Tecumseh Sherman Gallary
Photographs, artwork and his signature from the time in which he lived


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