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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

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Gold Rush
America's first gold rush, Georgia, 1829

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After the Gold Rush
Find out what happened to the North Georgia miners

Archives of Lumpkin County
Center of the Georgia gold rush

Dahlonega Gold Coins
Excellent site on the gold coins minted in Dahlonega from 1838 to 1861.

Georgia Land Lotteries
Seven distinct lotteries divided portions of both the Creek and Cherokee Nations, giving them to settlers and gold miners

Georgia's Gold Rush
Details the history and the myth of America's first gold rush.

Gold Placers in Lumpkin
Image file showing the location of gold deposits

Gold maps
The Georgia gold map shows 500 gold deposit sites and tells you how to pan and where to look in a streambed.

Templeton Reid Coinage
History of the first North Georgia mints and one of the earliest coin makers in the U.S.


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