Paoli Historic District

Jct. of Cty Rd. 334 amd Cty Rd. 331
Added on: 03/01/2002

Madison County Courthouse

Courthouse Sq.
Added on: 09/18/1980
Georgia County Courthouses TR

Colbert Historic District

Roughly bounded by 4th and 5th Sts., 4th and 8th Aves.
Added on: 05/31/1984

Long, Crawford W., Childhood Home

Old Ila Rd.
Added on: 12/06/1977

Comer Historic District

Roughly, Main St. from Forest Ave. to Laurel Ave., GA 72 from Oak St. past GA 98, and GA 98 from GA 72 past Paoli St.
Added on: 11/21/1995

Colbert School

Jct. of Fourth St. and First Ave.
Added on: 09/09/2001

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