Jenkins County Courthouse
Jenkins County Courthouse, Millen, GeorgiaJenkins County was created by the Georgia legislature on August 17, 1905 and named for Georgia governor Charles Jones Jenkins. Jenkins term as governor was cut short when he fled the state with the treasury and state seal to prevent them from falling into the hands of the military governor during Reconstruction. Thomas Ruger had been ordered to assume the duties of the political governor when Jenkins refused to pay for a constitutional convention held in Atlanta. Jenkins believed, probably correctly, that the convention had been held illegally. After the end of federal occupation, Jenkins returned to the state with the money from the treasury and the state seal. He was chairman of the state's Constitutional Convention of 1877.

The courthouse is described as Italian Renaissance in text of the historic marker in front of the courthouse. Other texts describe the building as Greek Revival or Neoclassical Revival. The architect, according to the historic marker is Lewis Goodrick of Augusta. Other sources spell his name Goodrich.

Jenkins County Courthouse is on the National Register of Historic Places for Jenkins County, Georgia

Location: 611 E Winthrope Ave, Millen, GA
Directions: From Augusta, Georgia: I-520 Exit 8, take U. S. 25 south for 53.3 miles. Turn left on GA. 17 and continue for .5 miles.

From Savannah: Take I-16 west to Exit 116 (U. S. 25 / U. S. 301). Turn right on US 25. Continue on US 25 for 39.3 miles. (In Statesboro US 25 turns left -- about 12 miles from interstate). Turn right on GA 17 and go .5 miles.

From Macon: Take I-16 east to Exit 104 (GA. 23 / GA 121 / Metter / Reidsville). Turn left on GA 23 and continue for 32.5 miles. Turn right on GA 17 for .5 miles.
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