Coca-Cola bottle at Turner Field
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Coke bottle in the Skyfield at Atlanta Braves Turner FieldHigh atop Turner Field, above the left field fence is the Coca-Cola Skyfield. Above the Skyfield, right near the Bob Uecker seats is what might appear to a casual viewer as a rather garish oddity, a folk-art Coke bottle. Take a close-up look at the bottle and it is made up of everyday items found on any baseball field. According to the sign posted nearby, the Coke bottle contains:
  • 60 shoes
  • 2000 bottle caps
  • 48 batting helmets
  • 2000 Coca-Cola cans
  • 18 catchers mitts
  • 86 Fielders gloves
  • 290 bats
  • 6680 baseballs
  • 24 jerseys
  • 64 bases
  • 16 chest protectors
  • 24 pitching rubbers

Skyfield is open to the public, so the next time you take in an Atlanta Braves game, make sure you take a little time to take in Georgia's most unusual Coke bottle

Location: Turner Field
Directions: Coming from the North or South:As you come into Atlanta on either Interstate 75 or 85, the two interstates will merge as you enter the city. Proceed through town to Exit #246 - Fulton Street/Stadium exit.

Coming from the East:Head into Atlanta on Interstate 20 West. Take Exit # 58A- Capitol Avenue exit.

Coming from the West Head into Atlanta on Interstate 20 East. Take Exit #56B- Windsor Street/Spring Street/Stadium exit.At the first light go right on Windsor Street. Turn left on Fulton Street.
Additional information:
Atlanta Braves timeline includes information on the Boston and Milwaukee Braves

Date added: November 16, 2003
Last update: February 15, 2004

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