Dalton Cemetery (West Hill)
West Hill Cemetery is the final resting place for 421 unknown soldiers who died while the Rebel army fought in Tennessee and at Chickamauga. Many of the soldiers buried here died in hospitals at Dalton, a major medical center during these battles because of its proximity to both the fighting and the railroad.

Along with the unknown Rebels are 4 known Confederate soldiers and 4 unknown Union men who also died at the hospitals. The cemetery has a monument to the Confederates who fought at Dalton, Rocky Face, Chickamauga and Resaca. The monument is topped by the statue of a Rebel soldier. A second, smaller monument honors the unknown buried in this field.

Only one general, Bryan M Thomas, was buried here upon his death in 1905. The others were interred between 1862 and 1864.

The cemetery also contains the graves of Malcolm C. Tarver, who served as a member of the U. S. House of Representatives and William Henry Tibbs, a member of the Confederate Congress from Tennessee

Directions: Directions=I-75 to exit 333, Gaston Walnut Avenue to Tibbs-Dug Gap. Left on Tibbs, 1 mile to Emory Street, then right.
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