The Dragonslayer and Aspen Productions are gone. We have left this piece online for historical purposes.

St. George the DragonslayerAlthough common story in England (St. George is the patron Saint of England), the myth of St. George the Dragonslayer is rarely told in America, so we were taken aback by this metal sculpture we found while traveling down Terrill Mill Road in Cobb County. Owned by Aspen Productions (they produce "events" for companies like the Weather Channel) the statue recreates the dramatic moment in the struggle between the future Saint and a dragon.

The real story of St. George

The struggle of George and the dragon is an allegory representing Christianity overcoming the pagan rituals. George was a Roman soldier born in eastern Asia (Cappadocia). At the time the emperor Diocletian's army was in search of those who had accepted Christ as the Son of God. George, who was fairly high up in the army, told Diocletian that what the emperor was doing was wrong, then left the army. He was put to death by Diocletian's men in the vicinity of Lydda, Palestine. His death inspired Christians to continue being true to their faith during troubled times.

St. George the Dragonslayer

Near a village in a land far distant, a dragon lived. Villagers lived in fear of the dragon, for it was so powerful. Flames shot from its mouth and smoke billowed from its nose. Huge claws protruded from its strong paws and its tail left a path of destruction. Villages would leave part of their hunt everyday for the hungry dragon.

Finally, all the animals were gone so the villagers decided send in a human. Lots were cast and the loser was the daughter of the king of the village. She was taken to the dragon and left by her people. As the dragon approached a young knight, George, appeared and battled the dragon with but a sword. George thrust deep into the bosom of the dragon with his sword, killing the dragon by piercing his heart and saving the princess. When George returned to the village the people were overjoyed at the return of the king's daughter. George told them the story of Jesus Christ and baptized them.

About the statue

St. George the Dragonslayer is actually almost three tons of chrome made from the recycled remains of cars from the 1930's and 1940's and other recycled objects. Created by artist Sean Guerrero, who made a study of the subject before building the statue. St. George is pictured in traditional garb of a Knights Cheval (or Knights Templar) who were trained and bound by a code of ethics (hence the word chivalry). The knight on a chessboard is created with the Knights Cheval in mind.

The dragon is a massive creature with a wingspan of 23 feet.

Location: 1685 Terrill Mill Rd. SE, Marietta, GA
Directions: Take I-75 to Exit 260 (Windy Hill Rd.) Go west on Windy Hill to U. S. 41. Turn right and continue to Terrill Mill Road. Turn right. You will pass under I-75 and the Dragonslayer will be on the right
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Date added: November 16, 2003
Last update: May 31, 2005

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