Elder's Mill Covered Bridge
Type:Covered Bridge
Elder's Mill Covered Bridge across Rose Creek, south of Watkinsville, GeorgiaHead south from Watkinsville along State Road 15 and you quickly enter an area where agriculture is a mainstay of the economy. Here, mills were an important gathering place where local news and gossip could be exchanged while farmers had their products prepared for consumption or market. A area mill, Elder's, was near Rose Creek, a local creek that would experience "freshets" every spring. The river would rise and occasionally take the bridge downstream.

In 1924 the old covered bridge in Watkinsville along the Watkinsville-Athens Road was going to be rebuilt as a more sturdy concrete and steel structure. Road crews were building what would soon become Highway 441. The covered bridge being used was only 25 years old and still in good condition, so it was moved to handle traffic to the mill across Rose Creek. The road was rerouted, and customers found it easy to get to Elder's Mill, which is near the bridge (on private property). There is an old cemetery in the area as well.

For 27 years the bridge provided access to the mill, which closed in 1941. During Jimmy Carter's term as governor the bridge was rebuilt, according to signage on the bridge.


Location: South of Watkinsville, GA
Directions: Just south of Watkinsville, Highway 441 and State Road 15 form a Y when they meet. Take the left branch of the Y. Continue south on S. R. 15 for 4.2 miles and make a right on Elders Bridge Road. Follow this dirt road to Elder's Mill Covered Bridge.
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Date added: November 16, 2003
Last update: December 4, 2003

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