Euharlee Covered Bridge (also called the Lowry Covered Bridge)
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Euharlee Covered Bridge is a Town lattice truss design structure over Euharlee Creek in northwest Georgia. The bridge is open to the public, however, no vehicles are allowed to use it.

Area history

Euharlee. The lyrical name meant "she laughs" to the Creek Indians that controlled the land before 1755. The Cherokee continued to call the area Euharlee or Eufaula. By the early 1800's one of the so-called Alabama Roads ran east-west in the area north of the bridge. Euharlee covered bridge sits on a connecting road and lays in a north-south direction. This area may have been settled as early as 1808. In the 1840's the area grew when a grist mill began to operate powered by Euharlee Creek. The small settlement was known as Burgess or Burgess Mill (also spelled Burge's). Incorporated in 1852 as Euharleeville residents dropped the "ville" when a new charter was passed in 1870. The mill, portions of which can still be seen near the covered bridge, was sold to Daniel Lowry who was instrumental in getting the current structure built. Today the area is mainly agricultural, although a young tourist industry appears to be growing in the area around the bridge.

About the bridge

Euharlee Creek was susceptible to "freshets," or sudden flooding after a rain storm. This made it important to bridge the creek rather than ford it, since the freshets might make the road impassible for days at a time. At least two structures across the river predated the present bridge. This bridge, built in 1886 was designed by Horace King, the freeman builder who used a truss design patented by Ithiel Town known as Town lattice. However, King was too ill to be involved in building the structure. Credit for building the bridge goes to son Washington King and another man.

Each piece of the bridge was pre-cut and numbered before installation; the bridge was then assembled "in place."

Euharlee Covered Bridge carried traffic for 90 years. In 1976 the structure was replaced by a concrete bridge on County Rd. 30.

1850 vintage general store at EuharleeVisiting the Euharlee Covered Bridge

The covered bridge is the focal point of a small tourist area that really adds to the interest, and its well worth spending a few minutes walking around. There's an vintage 1850 general store, museum, a well originally built for people who were traveling on the road, the miller's house, two churches (Baptist and Presbyterian) and a local restaurant. When you visit the bridge look for the numbers used by Washington King to assemble the bridge, still visible after all these years.

Location: Downtown Euharlee
Directions: I-75 exit 288. Go south on GA 113 approximately 4.5 miles, then right on Euharlee Road. Go 5.5 miles on Euharlee Road then turn left on Covered Bridge Road.
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Date added: November 16, 2003
Last update: December 4, 2003

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