Funk Heritage Center
Type:Museum, Native American
Take a trip to North Georgia to explore the mountains and make sure the Funk Heritage Center is on your itinerary. This wonderful museum keeps the accent on the unexpected, from its extensive Native American Art Gallery to the simply incredible display of early American tools (yes, tools). Although it may be hard-to-find for the uninitiated, the Funk Heritage Center is truly worth the trip.

The Cherokee Nation made its "last stand" in the north Georgia mountains. It was here that the Nation formulated the plans to fight the state of Georgia in two landmark cases that went to the Supreme Court. Under the direction of William Wirt, one-time Attorney-General and vice-presidential candidate, the Cherokee were declared an independant Nation. Unfortunately, Andrew Jackson sided with Georgia and passed the corrupt Treaty of New Echota, sealing the fate of the Cherokee and forcing them on the tragic Trail of Tears

In 1832 the state of Georgia gave away the Cherokee Nation to settlers in two lotteries, the Lottery of 1832 and the Georgia Gold Lottery, but by the time of the gold lottery, the first gold rush in the United States was well underway. These miners were, in many cases, north Georgia's first settlers, and their stories as settlers are also a part of the Funk Heritage Center.

From Georgia's earliest civilization, the Moundbuilders, the museum also covers the Creek confederacy and the Cherokee Nation, both of whom controlled the land the museum sits on. One interesting exhibit shows the view from the top of an Indian mound (Etowah Indian Mound?) from inside a small thatch hut sitting on the top. A priestess, accompanied by two others ascends the earthen steps to the top of the mound.

Another incredible exhibit is the tool display. Taken from a single set of tools donated to the museum, these wood and iron remenants of earlier days are artistically arranged in a massive display that takes up an entire room of the museum. Whether you use hand (or power) tools for work or just a "weekend warrior" the vast amount of tools and their artistic arrangement will impress you.

Once done inside, head over to the Appalichian village, an interesting highlight to the museum. Here members of a local group give demonstrations on life in a pre-20th century village in the Appalachian mountains.

Location: Between Canton and Adairsville
Directions: From Canton: Take I-575 to GA Highway 140 North. Travel 8 miles to Waleska. Turn left on GA 108 and travel 0.2 miles to the museum on the left.

From Adairsville: Take GA 140 South to Waleska. Turn left on GA108 and travel 0.2 miles to the entrance to the museum, on the left.

Additional information:
Part of Northwest Georgia's Chieftains Trail
Date added: December 7, 2005
Last update: December 7, 2005

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