Gordon-Lee Mansion
Gordon-Lee Mansion
Gordon-Lee Mansion
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The only structure remaining from the battle of Chickamauga, the mansion was built by James Gordon, an early settler. The house stands near the site an old Cherokee courthouse. After the removal of the Cherokee during the "Trail of Tears", that building served as a local seat of government. James Gordon purchased significant holdings in the area and moved there from Gwinnett County. He built a mill along Chickamauga Creek in 1836. With the success of his milling operation Gordon wanted to build an estate but was beleaguered by economic and labor problems. The completion of the Western and Atlantic Railroad to a point nearer the home made it easier to get needed material and he completed the house in 1847.

Gen. Wm. Rosecrans and future president James A. Garfield, his chief of staff, spent 3 days here just before the battle. During this time he was "blind" because his men, including his cavalry, were spread out across 50 miles of enemy territory. Bragg was closer than most of Rosecrans men, staying in the John B. Gordon Hall in Lafayette 12 miles away.

During the Battle of Chickamauga the home was used as a federal hospital. Wagons were placed outside windows for limbs and 30 Union doctors were permitted to stay behind at the mansion to continue tending the wounded.

According to Richard Barclift, who runs the site for his father-in-law, Dr. Richard Green, the home stayed in the Gordon family for more than 120 years. United States Representative Gordon Lee owned the home during his entire term in office. After his death it passed to two close relatives. Dr. Green purchased it from their estate in 1974 and began a restoration project.

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Location: Downtown Chickamauga
Directions: I-75 to exit 350 (Battlefield Parkway), west on Highway 2, then south on U.S. 27 (through the Chickamauga battlefield). After leaving the park, follow the signs.
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