Gone With The Wind Movie Museum

On December 15, 1939, what many critics consider to be the classic American romance, Gone With The Wind premiered at Loew's Grand on the corner of Peachtree and Prior Streets in downtown Atlanta. Embroiled in the start of World War II, our nation took a look back to an earlier conflict, the Civil War, and the way it affected the lives of Southerners, black and white.

Margaret Mitchell had begun writing the novel some 13 years earlier, and the Marietta Gone With The Wind Movie Museum tells the story both of the Oscar® award winning movie and the book's author in displays that take an exciting look at the life of Mitchell, the premier of the movie and both the actors and the characters they brought to life.

If you are unfamiliar with Gone With The Wind, you can sit and watch the four hour movie in its entirety. It runs continuously on a television as you enter the museum. Catch a few minutes for old times sake and you will quickly realize how many of the lines are classics to this day. Enter the vintage 1880's warehouse, familiar to long-time Marietta residents, and quickly realize the beauty of the museum. Leaving bare brick walls, along with the dark hues of aged wood floor has really added to the beauty of the museum.

Ask for the self-guided tour brochure at the desk as you enter the museum. This brochure brings the displays to life, making them much more meaningful whether you are a neophyte or a "windy." Starting in the section about author Margaret Mitchell you learn of the life of this native Georgian who worked as a staff writer for the Atlanta Journal. She began writing Gone With The Wind shortly after her marriage to John Marsh. One interesting piece covered Mitchell's donations helping students at Morehouse College. She helped a number of students in the college financially.

Next in line is an incredible array of Gone With The Wind books from many nations, with many different covers. One highlight of the collection is the autographed German Gone With The Wind that Mitchell signed for her husband, John Marsh. The self-guided tour tells the story behind this book--Mitchell had gotten the German government to pay her royalties on the publishing of the book during World War II

Of course, what Gone With The Wind Museum would be complete without an gown from the movie, and Marietta's museum has Scarlett's stunning Honeymoon gown, sometimes called the Bengaline gown for the fabric of which it is made. Just as he did with all the luxurious gowns for the film, designer Walter Puckett was responsible for this creation. A picture of Vivien Leigh (Scarlett O'Hara) and Clark Gable (Rhett Butler), in which Leigh is wearing the gown accompanies the display. Also in this case are the pink purse and hat worn by Ona Munson (Belle Whatley) and artwork by Willliam Camaron Menzies.

As a result of an excellent performance in Gone With The Wind as Mammy, Hattie McDaniel became the first African-American to win an Oscar®. She defied the NAACP and others who asked her to forego the role and turned in the performance of her life, which the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences chose to recognize with their Best Supporting Actress award. The GWTW Museum has material on Ms. McDaniel and her defense of taking the role.

In the museum, the gift shop has an extensive array of books on the movie, author and actors, including the recent Clark Gable biography that has so much about his involvement with the project. Planning a party in the Marietta area? The Museum can be rented by groups.

Other things to do

Check out the Marietta History Museum, Kennesaw Mountain Nation Military Park, and The Big Chicken. There are a number of great antique shops on the antebellum square, two blocks from the museum

Location: 2 blocks west of Downtown Marietta
Directions: The Gone With The Wind Museum is located in downtown Marietta, just off Glover Park, commonly called Marietta Square. There are many ways to get to the museum, but for Interstate travelers from Chattanooga, take Exit 265, N. Marietta Parkway (State Road 120, locally referred to as the North 120 Loop). Turn right at the end of the ramp and continue 2.5 miles to Mill St, turn right and park. Head south past the 1898 Depot (also the Welcome Center) to the vintage Thomas Warehouse, now home to the museum. If you are coming from Atlanta, get off at exit 263, S. Marietta Parkway (State Road 120, locally referred to as the South 120 Loop). Turn left and continue for 2.0 miles. Just after a railroad underpass, 120 turns right. Continue on to Mill St., where there is plenty of parking.
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Date added: November 16, 2003
Last update: December 5, 2003

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