Noble Brothers Foundry
One of the major objects of Col. Abel D. Streight's raid, the Noble Brothers Foundry served the southern cause as a machine shop and cannonworks during the Civil War.

When sent to Rome, Georgia in 1847 the immense lathe used by the brothers was transported by ship to Mobile, Alabama. After a journey up the Alabama and Coosa Rivers, falls west of the city forced the company to unpack and dismantle the lathe, which they finished transporting by cart.

Over the 13 years before the war the Noble Brothers expanded the operation, clearcutting many acres of land to feed their fires. Logging roads built to transport the wood to town can still be found throughout the mountains in the area.

Equipment from Noble Brothers foundry
The lathe used by the Noble Brothers in their foundry located at First and Broad Streets in Rome now rests on Civic Center Hill.
The lathe is on the left. To the right is a typical Corliss steam engine that would have been used to power the equipment

With the advent of war in 1861 production at the foundry changed. Cannon production increased as did other war related materials. In 1862, in nearby Cedar Bluff, the brothers built a water powered cold blast furnace. Before Sherman's army attempted to destroy the lathe in 1864, production of cannon had been halted by the Confederate government, pending investigation of charges regarding the improper manufacture of weapons at the facility.

Sledgehammers used by Uncle Billy's boys left marks in the machine that today sits on Civic Center Hill in downtown Rome. Although Sherman destroyed almost all the city's manufacturing capabilities, the lathe remained unscathed and continued to be productive until the 1960's

The Noble family was instrumental in building Rome's Clocktower.

Location: Civic Center Hill
Directions: Take I-75 to exit 290 (Georgia 20). Turn left (west) on S.R. 20 and continue for 2.3 miles. At Highway 411 turn left, then make an immediate right on to the entrance ramp for Highway 41. Be careful at the end of this ramp and obey the current attempt at traffic control. Last time we went this way there was a stop sign. In 2.8 miles Highway 41 splits off. Continue on Highway 411 to Rome for 18.4 miles, exiting to the US 27 ramp. Continue north on Highway 27 to the depot (on right).
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