Oostanaula River Bridge
The pillars of the current bridge are antebellum(probably 1847), and were built to span the river for the State Line, the Western and Atlantic Railroad. Currently used by CSX, they were in use when James Andrews and the raiders tried to burn the wooden trestle that sat on top of the pillars during "The Great Locomotive Chase. Recent heavy rains made it impossible for the raiders to complete this task, a major goal of their mission.

The bridge is also one of two that was attacked by General Dodge during the initial phase of the Battle of Resaca. Guarded by most of the Rebels in the town, Dodge misread the resistance and thought a large number of Confederates were occupying the city when less than 8,000 were stationed there.

Location: South of Resaca on Hwy 41
Directions: Take I-75 exit 320 east to U. S. 41. Turn right and continue to the Oostanaula River. East of the road (to the left-hand side if you followed these instructions) is the railroad bridge. Parking is difficult.
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Date added: November 16, 2003
Last update: October 3, 2004

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