Phillips Arena
Phillips Arena

Whether you are watching a concert, or enjoying the Thrashers (Atlanta's professional hockey team), Hawks (Atlanta's professional basketball team) or the Georgia Force (Atlanta's arena football team), Phillips Arena is the place you will go. This modern arena, completed in September, 1999, has been wooing fans since its opening with excellent acoustics, stadium seating, and top-notch concerts and sporting events.

The arena sits on top of some of Atlanta's oldest history. Not far from Five Points (where the old railroad depot stood), Phillips Arena was built near the site of the roundhouse that Confederate General John Bell Hood destroyed as he left Atlanta. The scene was vividly recreated in Gone With The Wind. By the 1870's the area had been rebuilt, on the outskirts of Atlanta's major industrial area at the time. The area was home to a couple of major expositions in the 1880's, but by 1895 the greener pastures of Piedmont Park attracted these fairs.

With the demise of the railroads, the area became unused, finally being developed in the 1960's to house a hotel and arena, both known as the Omni. Although the hotel still stands, adjacent to the Arena, the Omni arena was imploded in July, 1997 to make way for the greatly improved (and larger) Phillips Arena. Among the notable events that occurred at the Omni were a Muhammad Ali fight and the 1988 Democratic Convention. Ali came out of retirement to retire his opponent, Jerry Quarry, in the third round and Micheal Dukakis came out of obscurity to run for president. Vice President George Bush retired him four months later. For the two years the arena was being built the Atlanta Hawks played at nearby Georgia Tech.

Built at a cost of $213 million dollars, the new arena could hold up to 21,000 people depending on the configuration. The distinctive backlit front spells out "Atlanta" and the arena is named for Phillips Electronics, a major employer in the Atlanta area. Phillips Arena was originally managed by Ted Turner, who turned control over the center to Atlanta Spirit in 2004. Atlanta Spirit is a diverse group of East Coast investors including some from Atlanta.

The arena seating means that just about every seat is comfortable and "good," although the dual use of the arena as a sporting and concert venue means that sitting close to the stage on the side requires some serious head turning. On floor seating is comfortable, but leaves a lot to be desired if someone taller than you is sitting in the next row. Our recommendation is to sit further away on the sides and enjoy the music. The arena has some of the finest acoustics in the Southeast.

For sporting events the arena shines, and there's hardly a bad seat in the venue.

Location: Downtown Atlanta, bordered by Centennial Olympic Park Blvd, Andrew Young International Blvd. and Phillips Arena Way
Directions: The best way to get to Phillips is by MARTA. On the East-West line, go one stop west of Five Points to Dome/GWCC/Phillips Arena/CNN Center station if you are coming from the east. If you are coming from the west, its the stop after Vine City.

On the North-South line, change at Five Points to a westbound train and get off at the first stop.

If you know Atlanta and are comfortable on its streets, you can walk to Peachtree Center and avoid the change at Five Points.

Driving instructions:
From North of Atlanta
Take I-75/I-85 South
Exit at Williams Street - Exit 249C
Turn right on Baker Street
Turn left onto Centennial Olympic Park Drive (formerly Techwood Drive)

From South of Atlanta
Take I-75/I-85 North
Exit at Andrew Young International Blvd. - Exit 248C (one way street)
Turn left onto Centennial Olympic Park Drive (formerly Techwood Drive)

From East of Atlanta
Take I-20 West
Exit at Windsor/Spring St - Exit 56B
Turn right onto Spring Street
Turn left onto Marietta Street
Turn left onto Centennial Olympic Park Drive (formerly Techwood Drive)

From West of Atlanta
Take I-20 East
Exit at Windsor/Spring St - Exit 56B
Turn left onto Spring St.
Turn left onto Marietta Street
Turn left onto Centennial Olympic Park Drive (formerly Techwood Drive)
Additional information:
Website: Phillips Arena
Phone: (404) 878-3000
Philips Arena
1 Philips Drive
Atlanta, GA 30303
Date added: August 12, 2005
Last update: August 12, 2005

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