Poole's Mill Covered Bridge
Type:Covered Bridge
Covered bridges of Georgia - Poole's Mill
The site that today houses Poole's Mill Covered Bridge had been used to power mills long before Jacob Scudder arrived in Forsyth County. George Welch, a Cherokee Chief who lived in the area used nearby water power to drive a grist mill stone near the present-day bridge. Welch was "removed in 1838 and forced west on The Trail of Tears," and Scudder purchased the land. Jacob Scudder had significant land holdings in the area and the "town" of Hightower (little more than a general store) was frequently called Scudders. In 1880 the property was sold by Scudder's heirs to Dr. M. L. Pool(e). Pool and his family continued to run the mill until 1947, when they abandoned it. The mill burned in 1959.

After extensive repairs to the bridge, the county opened a park with a group picnic area.

Location: Corner of Poole's Mill and Heardsville Road
Directions: From GA400 take GA Highway 20 west to Heardsville Road. Turn north (right) on Heardsville Road. Eventually, Poole's Mill Road comes off to the right. Just past this road is the entrance on the right to the Forsyth County park that holds the bridge
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Date added: November 16, 2003
Last update: December 6, 2003

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