Sixes Mill
Mill at Sixes, GeorgiaSynopsis:

Sixes Mill is the site of one of the earliest settlements in north Georgia. The mill that stands today was rebuilt between 1878 and 1880

Sixes Mill

Perhaps as early as 1819 a group of white gold miners lived on or near the site of Sixes Mill. Although no mention exists that they were mining gold, it is very likely that they were. This was at the southern end of the gold belt that runs through Dukes Creek In 1830 federal troops reported an established community of settlers. It is possible that a mill existed on this site at this time.

After the gold land lottery (1832-33) a mill was constructed to serve the needs of the local farmers. The mill survived the Civil War, and in 1878 the Marietta and North Georgia Railroad began to build a railroad through the county from Knoxville to Marietta. It was during this time that the mill was almost entirely reconstructed, including the addition of the iron mill wheel.

Location: Just north of Sixes Rd.
Directions: From Atlanta:Take I-75 north to I-575. From I-575 exit on Sixes Road and turn left. The mill is down about a mile on the right. The mill is on private property and is not open to visitors.
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Date added: November 16, 2003
Last update: December 6, 2003

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