Tour of Turner Field
View form the press box in Turner Field
View from the press box at Turner Field
An Atlanta Braves baseball game is what normally attracts people to Turner Field, but for true fans (of the Braves or any baseball team) the best time to visit Turner Field isn't when the stadium is full, but when its empty. Every hour on the hour a tour begins at the Ivan Allen Jr. Braves Museum and Hall of Fame that takes visitors throughout Turner Field and allowing up close visits to just about every nook and cranny.

The tour begins with a climb to the top of the stadium where the Coca-Cola "Skyfield" (or Sky Field) displays the famous Coke contour bottle made up of baseball gear. The bottle at Turner Field is significantly bigger than the 6 1/2 ounce bottle designed by Alexander Samuelson and Earl R. Dean back in 1915 for the Chattanooga bottling company. Take a few minutes to view the stadium from the overstuffed red couch at the center of this 23,000 square foot area that is 435 feet from home plate and 80 feet above the playing field. During the game kids can come up and practice running bases or eat at the picnic tables in the Sky Field pavillion. It is in the Sky Field where the Coca-Cola cannons (which look strangely like Coca-Cola bottles) wait for a Braves home run, when they fire streamers into the stadium.

From Sky Field, the tour begins a multi-level circle of the entire stadium, going from the third base foul line back to first base, weaving in and out of sight of the field. Among the more interesting stops is the Atlanta Braves press box and the WSB broadcast booth. Visitors can see where professional baseball writers watch the game and visit the battery of phones that permit the writers to call their respected papers with the story (most use the phone to upload the stories to a web site).

The announcers booth for the radio and TV broadcasts is surprisingly small, considering it has to hold six people. Nonetheless, it is very interesting, and our tour guide shared a number of stories, mostly about Dodger Hall of Fame pitcher and Atlanta Braves announcer Don Sutton, who keeps everybody entertained. In the same area is the corporate box seats fittingly called the "Lexus Level" which has 58 suites, each with seats facing the playing field, a party room and its own bathroom. Also on this level is a private facility, the 755 Club, only open to members.

Atlanta Brave's lockers in the clubhouse
Inside the clubhouse of the Atlanta Braves. Note the Coca-Cola chairs
From the 755 Club the tour descends deep into Turner Field to visit the Braves clubhouse, were each member of the tour gets to take a look at the locker room. Access to this area is strictly supervised (each of the lockers is open). Then the group walks onto the grass around the playing field (walking on the playing field itself is both strictly prohibited and closely supervised.) This is truly the highlight of the tour as visitors get to sit in the Braves dugout and one lucky child got to call the bullpen to tell them to get John Schmolz to start warming up!

Last stop on this baseball fan's dream is the Braves bullpen, where pitchers and relievers warm up before the game. The group returns to just outside the Hall of Fame Museum, which is an excellent starting/ending point for any baseball fan.

Location: Southeast of the intersection of I-75/85 and I-20
Directions: Coming from the North or South:As you come into Atlanta on either Interstate 75 or 85, the two interstates will merge as you enter the city. Proceed through town to Exit #246 - Fulton Street/Stadium exit.

Coming from the East:Head into Atlanta on Interstate 20 West. Take Exit # 58A- Capitol Avenue exit.

Coming from the West Head into Atlanta on Interstate 20 East. Take Exit #56B- Windsor Street/Spring Street/Stadium exit.At the first light go right on Windsor Street. Turn left on Fulton Street.
Additional information:
Atlanta Braves timeline includes information on the Boston and Milwaukee Braves

Date added: November 16, 2003
Last update: February 15, 2004

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Coca-Cola bottle at Turner Field
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