Woodbridge Inn
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It just may be that traffic-bound Atlanta's best restaurant is not in Atlanta, but 50 miles north of the city in Jasper, Georgia. The Woodbridge Inn features continental cuisine at moderate prices and the nearest thing to a traffic jam is the possibility of a car coming the other way on the one-lane wooden bridge that gives Joe Rueffert's place it's name.

Joe is an amiable fellow, and just one of five family members that work in the restaurant. In fact, Joe introduced himself just after bussing a nearby table. Since the Woodbridge Inn is a historic restaurant I had prepared for our visit with a little research. My first question was the origin of Joe's accent, which he jokingly said was Cajun. Joe actually escaped from East Germany shortly after completion of the Berlin Wall.

In 1976 he and his wife purchased the Inn and since then have been serving some excellent food at reasonable prices. This restaurant is worth a trip from anywhere in north Georgia. Woodbridge Inn was built in the 1880's by two brothers who wanted to capitalized on the extension of the Marietta and North Georgia Railroad north of Canton. The land is situated on a high ridge overlooking a valley in Pickens County, south of Jasper. Across the valley is Sharptop Mountain. From the dining room of the inn, both the valley and Sharptop create an impressive view.

The dining experience was truly one of a kind. An impressive wine list and cheese and crackers begin the evening. The cheese dip is a Woodbridge Inn recipe and is excellent. The shrimp cocktail had large shrimp. French Onion Soup Gratinee, also made at the inn, was perfect with caramelized onions and stringy cheese.

Main courses ran the gamut from Filet of Orange Roughy Imperial to Wiener Schnitzel. My wife selected Veal Cordon Bleu, which we both especially love but rarely order because it is difficult to cook correctly. The chef at Woodbridge Inn had it done to perfection. The veal was tender with the outside crispy.

My Tournedos - Béarnaise were ordered and delivered rare, these days a feat in and of itself. This thick-cut Prime Tenderloin was grilled dark brown on the outside, with a cool, red center -- just the way I like it. Served with house vegetables, the meal is a visual delight. I am very picky about carrots, but again The Woodbridge Inn chef did not let me down. The carrots were still firm and flavorful.

As always the case, we did not have enough room for dessert. The menu lists a variety of standard fare for those who save room. Without wine, the total bill for this feast was under $60.00, and all major credit cards are accepted. Reservations are recommended for Friday and Saturday night.

Location: 44 Chambers St.
Directions: From the end of I-575 take the Georgia Mountain Parkway north to Jasper (S. R. 53). Turn right on 53 and go to Main St. Turn left and the turn for Woodbridge Inn is on your right, just past the Oglethorpe Statue
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Date added: November 16, 2003
Last update: December 6, 2003

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