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About Adairsville, Georgia

This north central Georgia town is home to some of the best antique shops in the state and is a gateway city to the North Georgia Mountains. Its central location, plentiful accommodations and reputation for abundant outdoor recreation activities make it a great place to spend a few days.
Adairsville The town that moved to the depot might be a good nickname for Adairsville, for when the Western and Atlantic Railroad came through the depot was a mile and a half from the town so Adairsville picked up and moved south to the depot. All in all it was a good move for the town, which took its name from Chief John Adair, a white trader married to a Cherokee woman. His house still stands at Barnsley Gardens. The Cherokee were illegally forced to leave by the settlers in the tragic "Trail of Tears."

It was at the Adairsville Depot on April 12, 1863 that The Texas began to chase its sister locomotive The General in reverse in an episode that became known as The Great Locomotive Chase. On May 18 "The Battle of Adairsville" was fought to the north of the city.

After the War for Southern Independence (American Civil War) the agriculture shifted to cotton, although the area did continue with a substantial amount of wheat, corn, peaches and cattle. From 1920 to 1940 Adairsville was the southern end of "Bedspread Alley," a cottage industry that came to life on U. S. 41 south of Chattanooga. Women worked from their homes along this major north-south connector, making bedspreads and other woven products for sale to tourists taking the highway to Atlanta or Florida. Recently the city has been the focus of a locally driven revitalization, driven in part by the success of nearby Barnsley Gardens. One recommended stop is the 1902 Stock Exchange (no, not financial, stock as in cattle).

Interesting things to do in Adairsville, Georgia
Adairsville Depot
Railroad Station now a Georgia Welcome Center

Barnsley Gardens
Golf destination with a rich history; site of a Civil War Battlefield

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