Things to do in Dalton, Georgia

About Dalton, Georgia

Dalton is a city revitalized. From an industrial past the present city has been built as an urban center for workers and farmers alike. Whether your eating at the Dalton Depot restaurant or watching a show at the Northwest Georgia Trade and Convention Center, you are surrounded by America's workers.

Dalton's growing Hispanic community adds a flavor not present in many other North Georgia cities.

Dalton, Georgia history

Originally named "Cross Plains," the city was renamed in honor of founder Edward Dalton White in 1847. As an antebellum railroad crossroads, Dalton was the first major target in the Atlanta Campaign. Joe Johnston and the Confederate Army of Tennessee had spent 6 months reinforcing their lines after the Battle of Chattanooga. But General William Tecumseh Sherman had other plans, outflanking the Rebel stronghold and attacking at Resaca, a small town south of Dalton.

In the early 1900's a cottage industry arose. Farmer's wives would weave bedspreads, then sell them to passer-bys. Over many years this evolved into the carpet industry that today calls Dalton home. The area spins almost 90% of functional carpet sold in the world.

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Dalton, Georgia history

Interesting things to do in Dalton, Georgia
Dalton Cemetery (West Hill)
Confederate Cemetery and Monument

Blunt House
Union Hospital

Crown Gardens & Archives
Mill, gardens and archive

Dalton W&A Depot
Western & Atlantic Railroad depot, now home to the Dalton Depot Restaurant

Dug Gap Battle Park
Civil War Battle Park

Joseph E. Johnston Statue
Only statue of Confederate General Joseph E. Johnston

Relief Map at Dalton
Pocket Park

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