Georgia cemetery listing
Cemeteries in the state of Georgia, especially well-known cemeteries or those with famous graves
Marietta National Cemetery

Alta Vista (Altavista) Cemetery
Cemetery with James Longstreet, Astronaut Sonny Carter, and 2 governors

Marietta Confederate Cemetery
Confederate Cemetery adjacent to Marietta City Cemetery

Jonesboro Confederate Cemetery
Small Confederate Cemetery with the grave of a Confederate Medal of Honor awardee

Oakland Cemetery
City Cemetery with the graves of Margaret Mitchell, Bobby Jones, and many Atlanta notables

Cassville Cemetery
Confederate Cemetery home to 300 Unknown soldiers

Dalton Cemetery (West Hill)
Confederate Cemetery and Monument

Resaca Cemetery
Confederate Cemetery begun by two young girls after the Battle of Resaca

Myrtle Hill
Picturesque Cemetery that contains the grave of First Lady Ellen Wilson

Bonaventure Cemetery
Final resting place for many of Georgia's founders and politicians

Christ Church (Christ Episcopal Church)
Historic church near Fort Frederica

Midway Cemetery
Historic cemetery dating to 1754

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